Calgary patients enjoy natural-looking, same day restorations with CEREC technology

Dr. Kindal Robertson and Dr. James Redd and our team at Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health in Calgary believe that our patients deserve positive clinical outcomes, attentive personalized care, and the latest technologies for optimal oral health. With CEREC technology, we are able to accomplish high-quality restorations in fewer office visits than traditional reconstructive dental procedures require.

The concept of computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM) originated with the United States Air Force and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the mid-1900s. Today, three dimensional design and manufacturing is used throughout many industries, including medicine and advanced dentistry.

CEREC, which is an acronym for CEramic REConstruction, offers dental patients the opportunity to restore their smiles and overall oral function in one office visit. The conventional process for receiving a dental prosthetic, such as a crown, involved several steps. After the tooth being treated was numbed, the dentist would prepare the surface by scaling it back to make room for the crown. A putty-like material was fitted around the tooth and left to harden, creating a physical impression or model.. Once an acceptable impression was obtained, it was sent to an offsite dental laboratory for fabrication. The patient received a temporary restoration and would typically wait two weeks for the permanent prosthetic to be sent to the dentist’s office. Another appointment was necessary to remove the temporary crown and replace it with the permanent restoration.

Drs. Robertson and Redd understand that our patients have busy personal and professional lives. With CEREC technology, a patient can receive a natural-looking permanent restoration in just one visit. A comfortable intraoral camera captures 3-D digital images, which are sent directly to the custom software for precise design and milling in our office. The patient and doctor are able to view the images and consult about the most appropriate shade and shape of the crown. High-quality, biocompatible ceramic is then carved to the doctor’s specifications, fitted, and cemented into place.

For more information about CEREC same day restorations, call us today at (855) 316-7161. Dr. Robertson and Dr. Redd Dental Health serves patients in Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Canmore, and neighboring communities.

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