The beautiful science of CEREC restoration treatments available in Calgary

There is a common misperception that the dental profession has not advanced technologically, as far as other medical fields. Many conventional instruments, materials, and techniques are still used because they continue to produce excellent outcomes. However, dentistry has also quietly embraced technologies such as CEREC, for improved patient care and convenience. Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health is pleased to provide CEREC restoration treatments for patients in the Calgary area.

The CEREC process

Traditional dental crowns, inlays, and onlays are a collaboration between the dentist and an off-site lab. CEREC gives the dentist full control of results, with treatment completed in one appointment.

  • The tooth is shaped.
  • A special camera is used to take three-dimensional images (no gooey impressions).
  • The dentist uses a sophisticated computer program to transform digital impressions into the design for your new restoration. You can see exactly what your tooth will look like, on the chairside computer monitor.
  • Fine details, from size and shape to minute ridges and indentations, are transmitted to the on-site milling machine.
  • In about 15 minutes, the restoration is precision-milled from a solid block of ceramic.
  • The piece is hand-stained and fired to match the shade of your natural teeth.
  • The dentist cements it into place, and you are on your way!

Beautiful results

Because a CEREC crown is made from a single block of porcelain, there is no dark line at the margin, where the crown meets the gum. The lustrous material reflects light just like natural tooth enamel, and it is translucent. It is difficult for anyone except a dentist to detect a CEREC crown, inlay, or onlay in your mouth.

For convenient, high-quality CEREC restoration treatments from Dr. Robertson & Dr. Redd Dental Health in Calgary, call (855) 316-7161.

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