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Our Living Wellness Dental team is committed to achieving the desired result from treatment while tailoring care around each individual patient. One way in which we do this is to offer CEREC restorations. Restorative treatments such as inlays or onlays and crowns normally take more than one visit to complete. Impressions taken from the tooth have to be sent to an external lab where fabrication of the restorative device takes a number of days.

A process made easier by CEREC technology

Restorative care that incorporates CEREC technology is comfortable and convenient for our patients. We begin by discussing various options for restoration when necessary. When CEREC is chosen as the optimal form of treatment, your dentist prepares the tooth in the normal fashion. The dental team then takes digital images of the tooth. No physical impressions are taken and instead a digital 3D camera is used to capture the image of the tooth.

Using this image, your dental team designs your restoration to fit perfectly and provide an effective, comfortable bite. CEREC restorations are made for maximum performance, milled from high quality ceramic material that can last for twenty years or more. The use of computer aided design (CAD), facilitates the goal of longevity for your restoration, whether that is a filling, inlay, onlay, or full crown.

While you wait, our in-house milling machine receives the exact specifications from the dentist’s design process. In just a few minutes, this machine will craft your beautiful, customized restoration. Your dentist will bond your CEREC restoration to the prepared tooth structure, clean and polish it, and you will be on your way back to your normal daily routine. 

CEREC is favoured among our patients for a number of reasons:

  • Single visit for completion of treatment
  • Aesthetically pleasing restorations that look just like natural teeth
  • A more comfortable process from start to finish, utilizing digital impressions rather than stone impressions
  • Durable ceramic material is milled to provide long lasting function that feels just like a natural tooth

CEREC technology improves the level of care patients can enjoy. We value your health and lifestyle. Living Wellness Dental is proud to offer this convenient service. Call and schedule your visit with us today.

Highly recommend Dr.Robertson & Dr.Redd Dental Health and the services they provide. The staff and associates are super friendly and helpful. I am so pleased with my procedure. I felt very comfortable and I am confident I will have the best results! Thank you! Jaime D.
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