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Calgary biological dentists offer advanced wound healing

At the holistic and biological dental practice of Wellness Dental, we believe in preventing and avoiding the need for tooth extractions whenever possible. In certain cases, however, this procedure is in the best interest of the patient. One of the most common extractions is the removal of wisdom teeth. Teeth that have been extensively damaged and are no longer functional or comfortable may also need to be removed. Before recommending extraction, Dr. Kindal Robertson or Dr. James Redd and our professional team will consider all treatment options, as well as their opportunity to accelerate wound healing using platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), which uses the patient’s own blood for faster and healthier healing.

The body’s process of healing

There is a fair amount of complexity in how the body heals various types of wounds. Extracting a tooth from its socket, no matter how gentle our technique, does leave an empty space which the body’s immune system recognizes and treats as a wound. Repair is a process that requires time and stages where vital cells like platelets and leukocytes become active. Platelets are critical to the process because these cells contain essential growth factors that promote the regeneration of healthy new tissue. This is where platelet-rich fibrin comes into play.

Over a decade ago, scientists like Choukroun began studying how platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) compares to another platelet derivative, platelet-rich plasma, or PRP. A notable difference between the two substances is the fact that PRF requires no artificial modification in order to make it more fibrous. Fibrin is, all on its own, a more gelatinous consistency. It is loaded with leukocyte and platelet cytokines and growth factors.

What does this mean for you?

The science behind our biological extraction and wound healing is meaningful to our patients even if the details of the biochemistry of healing are not. Essentially, the studies performed on platelet-rich fibrin for wound healing indicate a continual, yet gradual, release of growth factors over the course of a week. When we apply this material, derived from the patient’s own blood, in the vacant socket it regenerates at a faster pace than it would otherwise. This equates to greater comfort, expedited recovery, and restored function sooner rather than later.

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