Biological Dentistry

  • We offer holistic dental care focusing on Empowered Healthcare and treatment of the body as a whole.
  • We are a mercury free/safe office only using biocompatible materials.
  • We provide material sensitivity testing allowing us toidentify materials that are safe for your body. This allows us to provide individualized and tailored treatment specific to your needs.

What is Biological/Holistic Dentistry?

The concept of holistic dentistry is characterized by considering the body as a whole, taking into account mental, social and physiological factors rather than solely the symptoms of an oral issue. At Living Wellness Dental our goal is to empower and educate patients, assisting them to make informed decisions and take control of their own health and wellness. We clearly identify the materials used at our practice, assess their biocompatibility with the intended patient, and outline associated risks.  While we acknowledge that holistic dentistry is not recognized by collegial boards, we analyze all current studies and research, and take great strides to perform our procedures in a way that minimizes the impact of our patients’ biological responses.

Living Wellness Dental was founded on the philosophy that we don’t want to just live but Live Well.  We help our patients Live Well by empowering them with personalized knowledge that will lead them to their best oral health. The mouth is the gateway to our overall health. Although the underlying health and aesthetic appeal of your smile is overwhelmingly important, knowing the effect that specific dental problems can have on the rest of the body is paramount. Our office uses strict protocols, procedures, and materials tailored to your body chemistry facilitating a biocompatible treatment specific to your needs.

The following terms and definitions are commonly used by dentists to describe their practice:


a term with a variety of implications, describes the dental practice that avoids the use of mercury fillings.


a description typically used by practices that incorporate specific safety measures during the removal of existing mercury amalgam fillings. These safety measures are designed to decrease the risks related to mercury exposure during the removal process. Amalgam fillings are replaced with non-mercury material following their safe removal.

“Biological”, or “Biocompatible”

two terms which typically describe dental practices that give consideration to the impact dental materials will have on oral and systemic health.

Whether you are receiving preventive, restorative, or cosmetic dental care, we understand the powerful effect dental work has on the body. Contact Living Wellness Dental to take control of your overall health and treatment today!

This place has great service and dental care. A relative of mine got braces here a few weeks ago and said it did not even hurt. I will suggest this place for dental care to the people i know. Love this place! it has the best dental care i ever had! Jaime D.
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